[Nitro] Running Og specs for darcs repo

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 13:14:34 EST 2008

Trans wrote:

> First off you probably want to read this:
>   http://blog.gmosx.com/2008/02/nitro-reloaded.html

Wow.  I missed seeing that earlier.

Too bad; while I've become a fan of Ramaze, I do like the Nitro idea of 
transformation pipelines.  And of course I still use Og.

However, Nitro by way of Rhino (if I'm interpreting that post correctly) 
sounds kick-ass.

> My hope is to revitalize Nitro/Og by making them true community
> projects.

If George is moving over to N2, why not join in with Ramaze?

> Secondly, I'm slowly working on at least getting 0.50 released in
> working order --which is why I posted the First Comes Og thread.
> Please checkout the SVN repo here:
>   http://rubyforge.org/scm/?group_id=5023

I did that ...

> And run 'ruby task/test' --and watch all the pretty errors ;) This is
> far as I've gotten, but at least it's churning through the specs.

So much red!


> If you have any time to contribute to getting these tests passing
> (please please), let me know and I'll add you as a project developer.

I have to confess to purely selfish interest here.  I was trying to see 
how to write specs for a new project that is using Og, and figured I 
could glom examples from either Nitro or ogden.

I think any patches would be predicated on my fixing things that I need 
to have work for me.

But I'll take a look.

James Britt

"People want simple stories."

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