[Nitro] First Comes Og

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 11:16:13 EST 2008

Prioritizing the release of Nitro 0.50, first thing is to do is get Og
in order and I'm going to do that as a fully separate package. So I'm
using the Ogden repository to facilitate this. It's just a copy of the
Og repo from about a month or so ago.

Three things to do:

1) If any changes were made to Og darcs in the last month, please port
those changes to Ogden's repo.
2) Remove use of facets/paramix.rb (its begin deprecated). This
effects Orderable and Hierarchical mixins (any others?)
3) Get the tests passing. Most of them are failing, and I need people
more familiar with the Og's internals to help fix.

I'm not sure how much the failing tests has to do with the switch from
test/unit to rspec. Who did this transition? Were the specs ever all

Ogden is usintg SVN and not darcs. Please see this page to check out a copy:


And let me know if you need to be added as an team developer.


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