[Nitro] Request#params

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Sun Sep 30 22:06:33 EDT 2007

Not sure what the intent is here in request.rb, module Raw, included in 
class Context

   31    def params
   32     if method == :post
   33             @post_params.instance_variable_get("@hash")
   34     else
   35             @get_params.instance_variable_get("@hash")
   36     end
   37    end

@post_params is itself a hash and an instance variable on Context,  and 
@post_params.instance_variable_get( "@hash" ) returns nil.

Anything wrong with doing this instead?

   31    def params
   32        return method == :post ? @post_params : @get_params
   33    end

If that's acceptable I'll add it to the patches I'm preparing.

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