[Nitro] RFC: Basic Points for a Better Nitro/Og

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Sat Sep 22 09:44:44 EDT 2007


> there is a stupid reason about this. I requested the oxy logo in some vector
> format so I can create a banner, but for some reason I never got it.
> jonathan can you send me the logo?

I know you requested the _font_ for the oxyliquit, which I forwarded to you from
my brother if I remember correctly.  Oh yeah, right, there was a font problem,
where the font was Mac only.

But, anything wrong with just using a png?

* http://www.oxyliquit.de/images/oxy2.png

You could just resize it.  If that isn't sufficient, I'm asking my bro for
the source (where you'd have the font missing, bad).


Feel the love

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