[Nitro] RFC: Basic Points for a Better Nitro/Og

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Fri Sep 21 14:59:30 EDT 2007

I think there are three things that stop Nitro/Og from greatness:

1) Getting started is hard
2) Features are more highly valued than stability
3) Rails

Arguably, we're all here because we found things we didn't like with  
#3.  At the same time, I doubt there's anyone on this list who has  
not written at least one Rails app because it's easy to do.

#2 - George loves new features, and we have to be grateful for that -  
otherwise there'd be no Nitro!  Many of us just want it to work  
reliably and testably.

But #1 is what kills Nitro.  Last year I spent six months during  
which I was writing an app using Og and little bits of Nitro.  I  
contributed a few patches to the Og repo and I got to know the  
codebase intimately.  Now I come back and find that I have to learn  
everything again because so many things have changed: how to start an  
app, how to configure Og, how to build classes so that they are Og  
friendly (luckily that wasn't too different), etc.

Right now, Nitro has only one developer and that's George.  There are  
a few others out there whose contributions are patchy (pun  
intended).  We cannot expect George to do everything: maintain a  
website, mailing list, gems, repository AND write new features for 4  
codebases AND make sure it's all well tested AND write documentation.

Personally, I feel that a feature freeze is necessary - George, I  
think you are your own worst enemy in that regard :-)  However, given  
that none of us can prevent you from doing this and that it's  
probably what you enjoy doing most, perhaps we should branch the  
Nitro repository?

If we create a "stable" branch and a "development" branch and get  
stable to 1.0 as quickly as possible  - a full suite of specs,  
documentation, website etc.  Meanwhile, George and whoever else can  
continue to develop the bleeding edge but nothing gets checked into  
"stable" until it has specs, docs and good examples.

Thoughts?  Volunteers?

Whether you split Og off or not, I think the same applies for Og.   
I'd be happy to volunteer to get Og ready for prime-time (I know very  
little about Nitro).


On Sep 21, 2007, at 9:15 AM, George Moschovitis wrote:

> The main thing is that Og needs to have it's own repository. By
> separating Og out from the Nitro framework, it can grow on it's own
> merits. This in turn will come back to benefit Nitro, as a matter of
> an independent development track, and as people adopt Og as their ORM
> of choice, they will also in turn be attracted to Nitro later for
> their website needs.
> Ok, I will do this.
> Another thing to consider is using Subversion rather than Darcs. I
> know Darcs is great. I miss it too in some respects. But it may be
> easier to share in development if there were in fact a central
> Rubyforge-hosted repository. This isn't as big a deal as the first
> point, but it's worth some serious consideration.
> Perhaps a readonly SVN repo  like James suggested is a better idea.
> Lastly, the website, http://nitroproject.org, HAS TO BE FINISHED!!! I
> can't stress that enough. An unfinished website is a big turn-off. It
> immediately reflects on the quality of the software itself. It's
> I don't have much time to work on the site.  Does anyone have any  
> time to work on this?
> Finally, let me say that I do have plans for creating some dynamic
> websites down the road, and I want to use Nitro, of course, but I've
> really been waiting for the framework to mature. I wish I could help
> more in that regard, but working on Facets is about all the time I
> have to contribute these days. Yet Nitro needs to mature. In fact, it
> has to mature if intends to be a truly viable option.
> I would think that Nitro is an ideal solution for you. It is the  
> most integrated framework with facets. And it is relatively mature.  
> Moreover, I will have one more developer working on-top of Nitro  
> full time from October 1st, so expect more progress. Hopefully, I  
> will have small amounts of money to sponsor some nitro/og bounties,  
> or we could even build a small Nitro fund for stuff like the site  
> or documentation (like the Rails guys did when they where starting).
> food for thought,
> -g.
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