[Nitro] RFC: Basic Points for a Better Nitro/Og

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:47:38 EDT 2007

On Sep 21, 3:49 am, Dan North <d... at tastapod.com> wrote:
> Mercurial is very "hackable", partly because it's written in python (is
> that heresy on the nitro list?) and partly because the developers have
> designed in some very useful extension points.
> There's an extension called record
> <http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/index.cgi/RecordExtension> that
> supports darcs-style cherry picking at commit time. Another called
> transplant does the same between repositories. So it's not baked in but
> it's not difficult.
> I'm only advocating it as a happy user - I have no other association
> with mercurial, and I was using darcs for a while myself. I just find I
> prefer mercurial for a bunch of weird intangible reasons.

However, that's beyond the scope of this consideration. There's
nothing wrong with Darcs. The question is whether Subversion would
better serve Nitro b/c the Ruby community in general has adopted it.
Ruby itself uses it, Rails uses it, Facets now uses it, etc.


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