[Nitro] Nitro Ruby1.9/JRuby compatibility

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Sep 21 04:58:55 EDT 2007


>> I would like to find one volunteer to investigate the issue of
>> Nitro/Og/Facets compatibility with the
>> upcoming Ruby 1.9 and/or JRuby. Anyone up to the task?
> Good idea. But can we save it for December/January? I know of a couple
> pending changes for Facets, when 1.9 is released, for instance,
> Integer#even? and Integer#odd? can be removed. I'm sure there will be
> a number of other things too, but I don't feel it anything to worry
> about until then.
> Let stay focused on the current release. How far are we from a release
> of Nitro 0.50?


 From a recent discussion on #nitro:

[09:38]  <postmodern> Kashia, i was going to post to the mailing list, but i'm too excited
[09:38]  <Kashia> lol, shoot :)
[09:38]  <postmodern> really wondering what the time-table is looking like for the next release of Og
[09:39]  <postmodern> there's more bug-fixes, design improvements that i'm needing in the current Og darcs repo
[09:39]  <postmodern> so i'm wondering what the general state of Og is at
[09:39]  <Kashia> I'm waiting for George to finish doing whatever he does to the RSpec files atm
[09:39]  <postmodern> excellent
[09:39]  <Kashia> Og needs a good stable testsuite
[09:40]  <postmodern> testsuites do usually help :)
[09:40]  <Kashia> George doesn't have much on his plan for Og otherwise
[09:40]  <postmodern> sweet!
[09:40]  <Kashia> but then, there needs to be some bugfixing (when G installs the specs again)
[09:41]  <postmodern> so there's probably show-stopper bugs in there?
[09:41]  <Kashia> my feeling:  nothing which would stop me from doing apps on it
[09:41]  <postmodern> i was thinking about rushing ahead, and directly including Og into my project, instead of waiting for a stable release
[09:41]  <postmodern> but not sure how much chaos that'd cause me
[09:42]  <Kashia> well, choose a version, stick with it, backport bugfixes, make bugfixes yourself
[09:42]  <Kashia> that's what I do
[09:42]  <postmodern> aye

As I said a few month back, I'd love Nitro/Og just getting the tests
running, and right after that a release (0.49).  George did agree to
that, but alas, there gotta be new features.  :P


Feel the love

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