[Nitro] RFC: Basic Points for a Better Nitro/Og

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 12:56:42 EDT 2007

Just wanted to make a few suggestions that I think... no... that I
really know would go along way to improve Nitro/Og development, and in
turn improve stability, availability and adoption.

The main thing is that Og needs to have it's own repository. By
separating Og out from the Nitro framework, it can grow on it's own
merits. This in turn will come back to benefit Nitro, as a matter of
an independent development track, and as people adopt Og as their ORM
of choice, they will also in turn be attracted to Nitro later for
their website needs.

Another thing to consider is using Subversion rather than Darcs. I
know Darcs is great. I miss it too in some respects. But it may be
easier to share in development if there were in fact a central
Rubyforge-hosted repository. This isn't as big a deal as the first
point, but it's worth some serious consideration.

Lastly, the website, http://nitroproject.org, HAS TO BE FINISHED!!! I
can't stress that enough. An unfinished website is a big turn-off. It
immediately reflects on the quality of the software itself. It's
better to have a small but finished site, than a large unfinished one.
And there simply isn't any reason to ever have broken links --just
don't have the links. If it's something for the future, but not yet
ready, then use <!-- --> remarks to hide it until it is ready. I also
note that an image link to OxyWTF was never added. I realize it may
not be an "official" Nitro site, but inclusiveness of community
efforts is far more important than minor personal preferences or
gains. Thats how you build a community, and how it grows, and how in
the end it benefits us all more than if each of us acts alone.

Finally, let me say that I do have plans for creating some dynamic
websites down the road, and I want to use Nitro, of course, but I've
really been waiting for the framework to mature. I wish I could help
more in that regard, but working on Facets is about all the time I
have to contribute these days. Yet Nitro needs to mature. In fact, it
has to mature if intends to be a truly viable option.


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