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Icelandic "minni" is the same word it was 1,000+ years ago.

If it's a *little* library, well, minni can also mean lítill 

Old Icelandic:


*minni*, n. (1) /memory /(hann missti minnis ok þótti nær sem 
vitstolinn) leggja e-t í m., /to lay up in the mind/; reka m. til e-s, 
/to call to mind/; (2) esp. in pl. /memorials /(slík m. hafa Íslendingar 
Haralds konungs ok mörg önnur); settir eptir (/viz./ dauða)* *bauta-

Modern Icelandic:

^1 minni n ( -s)

1. memory, recall
hann hefur gott ~
he has a good memory
til ~s um e-ð
in memory of sth
skrifa e-ð til ~s
make a note of sth
líða e-ð úr ~
forget sth

Trans wrote:
> On Sep 14, 4:07 am, "George Moschovitis"
> <george.moschovi... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Perhaps, more people from the nitro and facets mailing lists should
>> email Tom. What is the email?
>   See: http://rubyforge.org/users/tom/
> But under the other circumstance I think it's probably time just to
> let it go and pick a different name, so we can get on with it. There's
> no guarantee that Tom will change his mind. And the release of this
> project has already been delayed too long as it is.
> So the original Greek 'mnemo'? Or English 'memo'? (Though they seem a
> bit generic). Any other ideas for short, concise name for a persistent
> memory system? Preferably one that goes along with an octopus ;)
> T.
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