[Nitro] nitro build fails on OSX and Ubuntu with gem errors

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Wed Sep 19 07:55:10 EDT 2007

> All I did was:
>     $ tar xzf examples-0.50.0.tgz
>     $ cd examples/blog
>     $ ruby app.rb
> It looks like it created conf/debug.rb and conf/live.rb itself during
> the first run.

Having experienced the exact same problem, here's the solution.

1) install tmail (http://i.loveruby.net/en/projects/tmail/)
2) install uuidtools gem (a dependency in all likelihood)
2) edit your conf/debug.rb so that it has the correct parameters for your

That should do it.

I don't have darcs on this computer, but I've created a "fix" which just
reports the correct error message.

Change line 168 of nitro/application.rb to read:
     error "Unable to load config file '#{conf_file}' - #{ex}"

It was reporting that it couldn't find it, when in actuality it could but
it couldn't *load* it because of an unmet dependency on tmail.

Some further issues I ran into:
  * Line 31 of og/adapter/postgresql.rb - got a FATAL when trying to set
the "--min_client_messages=WARNING" parameter.  This is on cygwin, so it
may be a platform specific problem.  Changing that parameter to nil
stopped the crash.
  * another cygwin issue - uuidtools craps out trying to get the MAC
address - creating a symlink like this fixes it:
    $ ln -s "/c/WINNT/system32/ipconfig.exe" /usr/sbin/ipconfig

Hope this is all of some use to someone :-)


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