[Nitro] OG: Howto start debugging from within a spec using netbeans....?

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 05:42:37 EDT 2007

> >
> > In the absense of another solution... can the decision not to use this
> > extension please be reconsidered - I know it'll probably make
> > something in the setup/install scripts a real pain
> I don't think so, I even was for staying with tc_* for the specs, but
> *_spec.rb is good too, makes imo a good distinction between helpers and
> real specs.  It probably also makes the rakefile easier as it just has
> to react on those with a glob Dir['test/**/*_spec.rb'].

At this point I don't mind what they are called.
Really, it sounds like this is a netbeans only behavior?
Never mind debugging it's very useful to 'walk the code path' to learn
where, how (and maybe) why things are done.
Given all the enchanting overloading and calls to super that go on it
isn't a trivial exercise to work all this out :)

> > Given spec's are witten in reverse you might like to follow Jim Weirich's post:
> > http://onestepback.org/index.cgi/Tech/Ruby/FlexMockAndFluidDynamics.red
> I already used the RSpec mocks, I think it'd be good also not to depend
> on too many libraries just for testing, but that's just me again.

Point taken.

> > Anyway, it is now nice to be writing a spec, set a break points in the
> > code, ctl+shift+f6 and proceed to exactly which line of code caused a
> > problem.
> NetBeans seems to be getting quite nice... I might consider this once in
> a while.  That I need a real breakpoint is however _very_ seldom, due to
> whatever reason.  I use 'real' debuggers on a daily basis when I'm coding C...

I depend on the debugger, to learn if not to debug :)


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