[Nitro] testing views

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Sep 19 05:13:45 EDT 2007


>> Is the number of developers through choice or circumstance?  If the
>> latter, is there anything we can do to encourage more people to help out?
>> For example, you mention you have a TODO list - is it on the web?  Can
>> some of us pick up any of it and do it?

> we don't need 1000  developers like Rails (the snr will reach zero)
> but obviously we need 2-3 more active developers.

LOL, indeed.

> If you have some time to work on Nitro/Og, I can post some important
> things to do on this list tomorrow.

IMO not _some_, I would say exactly 1 thing:

* Specs

We had agreed months ago that the best course of action would be to place
Nitro on stable 'feet' again and only then proceed to add new features.
Now it's kind of 'history repeating itself'.

Yes yes I'm not doing much myself right now, but I make up for it by being
the most persistent guy ever.  ;)


Feel the love

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