[Nitro] testable controllers

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Sep 19 04:48:20 EDT 2007


> In retrospect, 3. is not that safe, and 1-2 are not serious flaws. So
> if more people want the return string feature back, I will bring it
> back...

I liked the return string method because:

ruby -rubygems -rnitro -e 'class C; def index; "Hello World!"; end; end; Nitro.start(C)'

I know it's not that useful when you write bigger actions, but I
still use it for small 'communication', where I return JSON from
an action or simply return 'error', 'success' as API.
For those just using the 'return string' is the most easy and
most elegant looking method.


Feel the love

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