[Nitro] testing views

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Wed Sep 19 03:57:25 EDT 2007

> On 9/19/07, George Moschovitis <george.moschovitis at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Is the number of developers through choice or circumstance?  If the
>> > latter, is there anything we can do to encourage more people to help
>> out?
>> > For example, you mention you have a TODO list - is it on the web?  Can
>> > some of us pick up any of it and do it?
>> Both,
>> we don't need 1000  developers like Rails (the snr will reach zero)
>> but obviously we need 2-3 more active developers.
>> You can find the TODO list here:
>> nitro/doc/TODO.
> Activiating the tracker may help too, people can post issues, others
> can grab issues and post patches.
> Also I imagine that once the spec's are more comprehensive/complete
> it'll be easier to check a patch doesn't 'blow-things-up', like my
> last patch ;)

I definitely agree with this one.  I might be able to convince Dan North
to meet up with me one evening and the two of us pair up to significantly
bolster the specs.  However, I know Dan's free-time is almost unicorn-like
in its availability :-)

Dan?  Go on, you know you want to ...


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