[Nitro] testing views

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Wed Sep 19 03:29:44 EDT 2007

> I am sorry, the testing infrastructure in 0.50.0 is not updated to be
> compatible with the latest changes. This is in my todo list, but it
> will take a bit more time.
> The sad truth is that at the moment there are only two really active
> developers on this project (me and Tom Sawyer of facets fame) and our
> time is limited. I am working full time on Nitro these days so things
> are slowly improving. I am sure you can witness this in the increaded
> volume of this mailing list.


Is the number of developers through choice or circumstance?  If the
latter, is there anything we can do to encourage more people to help out? 
For example, you mention you have a TODO list - is it on the web?  Can
some of us pick up any of it and do it?


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