[Nitro] OG: Howto start debugging from within a spec using netbeans....?

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 22:55:19 EDT 2007

> It's taking me days/hours to find/discover things that I could find
> quite quickly if I could step through the code.... _please_ any tips?

I'm not ruling out the dumb/ignorant explanation :)
But, I've found that renaming the spec files to *_spec.rb solves all
my problems.

In the absense of another solution... can the decision not to use this
extension please be reconsidered - I know it'll probably make
something in the setup/install scripts a real pain

Given spec's are witten in reverse you might like to follow Jim Weirich's post:

Anyway, it is now nice to be writing a spec, set a break points in the
code, ctl+shift+f6 and proceed to exactly which line of code caused a


> Cheers
> Mark

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