[Nitro] help! need a nitro demo for railsconf!!

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 11:25:41 EDT 2007

Arne Brasseur wrote:
> Some things that have changed since then, off the top of my head:
> - to output from a controller method use print, returning a string no 
> longer works

Too bad;  I gave an overview of Nitro at Desert Code Camp here in 
Phoenix the other day, and was explaining how nice it was that the 
return value of controller methods can be the actual page output. 
Methods are just methods, as in a non-Web app.  I really like the "just 
return a string" behavior.

> - default template dir is app/template
> - default public dir is public/
> - og uses attr_accessor, not property

That's a very cool feature, and I like to demonstrate how one can start 
with a  basic Ruby app and evolve it into A Web app with various 
behavior.  And if and when I decide a model class needs persistence, it 
can be arranged with a few simple additions to the attribute defs.

To me, this is the big win for Nitro.    It's very easy to start with a 
static HTML version  of a site, and gradually add in dynamic behavior as 
needed, without the up-front decision on code and feature that you may 
need actually need.  And the code looks like the Ruby code of any 
non-Web app (well, up to a point).

I suspect that people accustomed to Rails would want to know about 
unit/functional/integration testing in Nitro (as would I :)) and how Og 
handles database migrations.

James Britt

"Inside every large system there's a small system trying to get out".
    - Chet Hendrickson

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