[Nitro] Skeleton app/elements dir?

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Thu Sep 13 09:10:05 EDT 2007

I was impressed by the reusable controls in ASP.Net and I see Nitro 
Elements as more powerful yet cleaner.

I think a real site will have far more elements than app/skin.rb, and 
the nitro skeleton generator should create an app/elements directory.

I'd also like a way to require them at the template level, rather than 
in app.rb.  I suppose I could do it at the controller level, but somehow 
template seems a more natural place



#{require 'app/elements/skin'}



#{require 'app/elements/skin'}
#{require 'app/elements/blogelements'}


#{require 'app/element/wikicontrols'}
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