[Nitro] TMail in Nitro

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 18:39:54 EDT 2007


> I planning on including the TMail source files in the Nitro distribution. I
> need some advanced email handling features that I don't feel like
> implementing from scratch. From what I see there is no gem.
> any objections and/or other ideas?

Not an objection, just an idea..... Event Machine?

Email is not my use-case but it seems it may have what you need?
Perhaps more importantly, and if my understanding is correct, it also
offers valuable 'head-room' (I've some ideas but these are half-baked
at the moment)!
It would be great if EM was 'accommodated' in Nitro/Og.  There is also
an aim to be Jruby compatible....

For those not aware of EM, from a recent post of Francis Cianfrocca :
At bottom, EM is a high-performance I/O engine, very very stable and
based on years on insights from high-performance network programming.
It also (I will admit) enables programmers to avoid threads, which is
a personal bias of mine. (In my defense, I'll say that this bias is
not a prejudice. I've been writing threaded programs on Windows since
the earliest Win32 betas, 15 years ago, and on Unix since before Posix
threads were a standard.)

Above the base level, however, the goal is to provide as complete a
set of tools for network programming and distributed computing as
possible, congruent with the "Ruby way." I'll be happy when Ruby
programmers needing to write network-aware software can reach into the
EM toolkit and just pull out what they need.

A perfect example is the subject of this thread: a complete and
correct implementation of SMTP (both server and client side) that any
Ruby programmer can simply drop in. The SMTP implementation (like the
already-existing HTTP and other implementations) throws off "events"
that your programs can respond to.

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