[Nitro] OG clarification: Adapter method source locations

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 03:05:28 EDT 2007

Hi Devs,

Can anyone elaborate on the following (pedantic/trivial?):

<Vendor>Adpater methods that override methods in
[./og/lib/og/store.rb] or [./og/lib/og/store/sql.rb] or
[./og/lib/og/store/sql/*.rb] should be placed in:

<Vendor>Adpater methods that provide adapter specific utility methods
(i.e. do not appear in any of the above) should go in:

Consequently the bulk of the implementation will appear in the override.rb file?

The file [./og/lib/og/adapter/<Vendor>.rb] will in-fact contain very
little, possibly as little as some requires and initialize....


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