[Nitro] OG [PATCH RFC]: Og test helper - Cleaner setup of defaults and more flexible

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:08:22 EDT 2007

Hi Devs,
A RFC on some changes to the Og test helper that shouldn't break
anyones' existing tests - famous last words :)

Current syntax should leave you with the current behavior.

 - Og setup default options are separated out and accessible.
 - config or config and start supported.  Default is the current
config and start.

1) In the config only case: should `Aspects.setup` be called before
config hash is returned?
Currently it is called after, so is only activated when OG has been
started..... At this point I have no idea what Aspects does.
2) For clarity maybe the `default_options` accessor should just be
`options` since we don't actualy chage OGs default options - those are
hardcocded in og.rb?

a) OgSpecHelper.setup  <the current default behavior>

b) OgSpecHelper.setup(:config_only=>true) <config and return the Og
options hash>

c) OgSpecHelper.default_options = {.....} <Change Og options, config and start>

d) OgSpecHelper.default_options = {.....} <Change Og defaults, config only>
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