[Nitro] Sporadic 'Found altered cookie' errors

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Thu Sep 6 03:47:49 EDT 2007


Is anyone else getting sporadic 'Found altered cookie'
errors in their logs?

At first I thought it was just related to the haphazard
way I was refreshing my pages during development.  But now
that I'm using WWW::Mechanize to test my site, it's also
randomly seeing these cookie errors.

I somehow doubt FireFox and WWW::Mechanize have the same 
bug in their cookie handling, so ... it seems something on
the server-side is having issues.

I'll continue debugging, but I just wondered if anyone else
has been seeing this?

(Note: I never noticed this problem on Nitro 0.31 ... it
only started after I ported my code to the repo version...)



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