[Nitro] OG connect and exec_statement: unexpected behaviors (Critical -> Trivial)

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 19:43:39 EDT 2007

Hi Jo

> a few questions:

You can ignore that report - a bug in my code :(


> * where does the original come from?
> * which method are you using to generate that query? (.save?)
> I haven't had a problem yet where Og would 'rearrange' something,
> this would be quite a bug to have, as essentially nothing would work.
> exec_statement itself does nothing to the query (at least last I
> had a look at it, it'd make no sense anyway, as it would have to
> parse SQL since it only gets SQL).
> Where that could only happen (depending on the method you used for
> inserting):   sql.rb: def insert_sql(..)
> That'd be the first place where I would make a few puts to find
> out if Og is the culprit or if the original object was populated
> wrong in the first place.
> Hope that leads to Og working better for you,
> Jo
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