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* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 02:32:56 EDT 2007

Hey hey!

I see the nice bitrock
<http://bitrock.com/products_ruby_overview.html>people have a Ruby
stack for the web.  It includes Rails.

I believe it would be really really useful to put an effort into drawing a
line under features for Nitro so that it is a viable candidate for a
packaged stack.

As a first step, what do you reckon by making a "Bitrock Nitro" add-on, that
people can fit into a Bitrock stack for themselves?

Some thoughts from a Saturday on the web.



   - http://bitrock.com/products_ruby_overview.html

Integrated Open Source Ruby Distribution

RubyStack is a freely available, ready to run distribution of Ruby on
Rails™. Packaged with a very user-friendly installer, RubyStack makes it
easy to have an enterprise-ready Rails environment up and running in just
minutes. It allows you to take advantage of the stability, low cost and high
performance of Ruby on Rails without the hassle of integrating, configuring,
and supporting your own build.

RubyStack is currently available for Linux and Mac OS X, with support for
Windows and Solaris coming soon. As with all of our Web
RubyStack is free to
download<http://bitrock.com/download_ruby_download.html>and use under
the terms of the Apache
2.0 license. As the stack contains several open source tools and libraries,
it is important that you read and comply with the licenses for each stack

RubyStack offers two installation profiles to make it easy to set up Ruby in
both development and production environments. Both profiles install the
following open source software, along with several other tools and

   - Ruby
   - Subversion
   - SQLite
   - MySQL
   - ImageMagick
   - Several Ruby Gems, including: Rails, Mongrel, mongrel_cluster and

The Production installation profile also installs Apache 2.2 with rewrite
and proxy support, so you have everything you need to deploy your Ruby on
Rails applications. You can learn more about the
benefits<http://bitrock.com/products_webstacks_features.html>of using
BitRock Web Stacks or go directly to the
download <http://bitrock.com/download_ruby_download.html> page to get a
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