[Nitro] Nitro + Facets 2.0

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Wed Oct 31 21:40:48 EDT 2007

The points are

1) There are issues that trip new users up early in the process
   - Getting started needs to be brain-dead simple

2) The lack of differentiation from Rails

So the questions to answer are:

1) What's the answer to "Why should I consider Nitro for my next project?"
2) What specifically is broken in the getting started steps?

James Britt wrote:
> Nitro PR might be a hard sell.
> There seems to be a perception that it's a Rails-a-like; at MtWest 
> RubyConf earlier this year, Chad Fowler, in his keynote, basically said 
> that people working on Nitro should just stop, because it's the same 
> thing as Rails (though he approved of continued work on Iowa, because in 
> his view it was sufficiently different from Rails).
> People who've spent time with both Nitro and Rails likely  do not see 
> them as the same thing; getting people to try Nitro is perhaps the best 
> way to grow the community.  But when folks think Nitro is "the same 
> thing" as Rails, and they already know, or know about Rails, adoption is 
>   challenge.
> Nitro is not going to suit everyone, but that's true of Rails as well 
> (witness the emergence of Camping, Merb, and Sinatra).  However, people 
> won't really know if its good for them or not unless they try it, so 
> getting up and rolling needs to be really stupid simple.
> The Og/Nitro pain-points have been discussed here before, but I think 
> they boil down to various issues that trip people up too early in the 
> "try it and see" process.

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