[Nitro] Nitro + Facets 2.0

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 19:07:10 EDT 2007

Robert Mela wrote:
> YEEHA!!!
> I would love to use Nitro professionally and would like to see enough 
> momentum and community built up behind it to support that sort of 
> recommendation.
> To that end....
> What's everyone thinking regarding the "PR" should occur surrounding the 
> release of 0.50?  And why not call it 0.95?

Nitro PR might be a hard sell.

There seems to be a perception that it's a Rails-a-like; at MtWest 
RubyConf earlier this year, Chad Fowler, in his keynote, basically said 
that people working on Nitro should just stop, because it's the same 
thing as Rails (though he approved of continued work on Iowa, because in 
his view it was sufficiently different from Rails).

People who've spent time with both Nitro and Rails likely  do not see 
them as the same thing; getting people to try Nitro is perhaps the best 
way to grow the community.  But when folks think Nitro is "the same 
thing" as Rails, and they already know, or know about Rails, adoption is 

Nitro is not going to suit everyone, but that's true of Rails as well 
(witness the emergence of Camping, Merb, and Sinatra).  However, people 
won't really know if its good for them or not unless they try it, so 
getting up and rolling needs to be really stupid simple.

The Og/Nitro pain-points have been discussed here before, but I think 
they boil down to various issues that trip people up too early in the 
"try it and see" process.

James Britt

"Tear it up and start again."
  - Anonymous

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