[Nitro] Og standalone experience - whew - so good... but hard to get anywhere as a newbie.

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Sat Oct 27 22:45:26 EDT 2007

I think that, at long last, the rough edges that have stymied me will be 
worked out within the next few weeks.  We're probably a couple weeks 
away from seeing an official 0.50.

However, Until George and Tom produce the true kick-ass documentation 
and examples, the source itself is rich in comments and examples.   I 
haven't looked through the Og inheritance examples in the specs, but I 
have seen the examples in og/examples/run.rb ( ArticleComment < Comment )

As an aside, there's a ton of great examples for using Og with forms in 
the Admin part code, especially:

- OgAdminController#save ( nitro/lib/nitro/part/admin/og/controller.rb  )
- nitro/lib/nitro/part/admin/og/template/update.htmlx

One great thing is that the whole codebase is relatively small -- making 
it a lot easier to use as "documentation" than something really huge 
like Rails.

No substitute for docs, I know... but for the next couple of weeks it 
might tide you over....

I think it'd be great if you could ask lots of questions on this list.  
Watching newbies, myself included, try to figure out how to use Nitro 
and Og will probably be helpful to whoever's writing tutorials and 

David Williams wrote:
> I'm just starting with Og.  I love the way it's put together and the way it
> feels to work with it and I think I'll be able to do great things with it.
> Congatulations to all concerned.
> class Book
>   property :author, String
> end
> Makes the database, table and makes sure it's all up to date! Are you
> kidding?  This is SO easy.  So good.
> I have comments which I hope can be helpful in showing what I encountered.
> Sensitive to how these posts can sound I'd like to emphasize that my

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