[Nitro] To those who use and know well Nitro/Og ( sub New Blog Article About Nitro/Og)

Reid Thompson reid.thompson at ateb.com
Fri Oct 26 15:50:10 EDT 2007

Confession #1 - I'm not a web programmer ( but I have several ideas for 
web based projects that I'd really like to use Ruby/Nitro/Og for )( 97+% 
of my programming is C / *NIX shell scripting)

Confession #2 - I've been following Nitro/Og for a good while on the 
lists and various associated sites.  I've used Og, which I really, 
really like, on several occasions to manage DB interactions( 
PostgreSQL).  (Most of these have been batch, large dataset loads, which 
could Og isn't optimized for, but has been more than sufficient for.) 
I've started, but not finished, a first project with Nitro/Og ( this was 
a good while back, and Nitro was changing a lot, very quickly then ) 
which is now on a back, back burner.

I really like the overall concept of what I *think* Nitro/Og represent. 
  Much more so than Rails, because Nitro/Og should allow one to easily 
incorporate with pre-existing applications and database sets and because 
Nitro/Og should make converting an idea into a database driven 
application fairly simple and straightforward.  However, given 
Confession #1, 'getting started' with Nitro ( less so with Og ) has been 
pretty much a futile effort( not simple and straightforward ).  There've 
several threads recently re documentation and examples, etc -- "Please, 
Please" -- I know it may be a pain in the @$$ for those who have a good 
understanding of the framework and are using it, but for those who are 
looking for a base to build on -- a starting point, simple step by step 
introductions are a requirement).  Having requested that, I realize that 
providing this has been precluded by the ongoing, rapid advancement of 
Nitro by those who do understand and use it.  Documentation/Examples 
require a 'freezepoint'/version breakpoint in order to not be 
invalidated by framework advancements.

Can .50 be that point? Or is there still too much to do to get the 
framework to a pausing place?


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