[Nitro] New Blog Article About Nitro/Og

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 14:18:03 EDT 2007

On Oct 26, 10:37 am, "George Moschovitis"
<george.moschovi... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have answered privately to tom, but here are the main points:
> - tom's email motivated me to take some extra time to integrate the repo
> version with facets 2.0, make sure the example runs and release it as
> 0.50(even w/o docs/tests).
> - I send to Tom the full source code of the nitroproject.org web site. If
> everyone wants to work on this (fix bugs, add more content or graphics or
> whatever) please ask him (or me) for the source code.
> please understand that I am doing the best I can. This may be not enough,
> but I think more contribution and less remarks would be more helpful.

Well this is what I propose, and if you agree I will do most of it

1. Make Nitro a pure meta-project. Is should not contain any libs
itself. What's in Nitro now likely belongs to Raw, but maybe Glue.

2. Then the Nitro repository would house well separated sub-projects,
Og and Raw, plus the Nitro meta-project. The Examples can be placed in
with their respective projects. We'd then have a clean project/
subproject repository:

    nitro/  (or call meta/ ?)

We can leave in glue for now. And we can consider adding blow (http://
blow.rubyforge.org) to the collection.

3. Rather the working solely on a patch by patch basis, having a
central repo trusted devs can push to would be more helpful. But who
can host that?

4. Move the nitroproject.org site into the repository, preferably
under the nitro metaproject directory, so we developers can contribute
to it.

5. Give each sub-project it's own mini-website too under their
respective sub-project directories. When published these subproject
sites will tie into the main site.

6. Make OxyLiquit the offical FAQ system. Link it and nitropoject.org
together better; blend the sites look and feel better, etc.

7. Since nitroproject.org runs on an old version of Nitro, we will
need to update it to use the new verion, but not until 0.50 has a
release candidate out. (I will probably need some help on this step.)

8. Add a documentation wiki to the main site --use docbook or whatever
format you want.


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