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Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Fri Oct 26 11:58:57 EDT 2007

What I meant was collaboration on nitroproject.org (not cheatsheets) 
would be a great way to learn each others Nitro idioms....

Anyhow, as for a possible nitroproject.org/cheatsheets....

Part of what I'm playing around with is documenation format -- it's 
supposed to be a rapid, simple tutorial and a quick ref -- I don't want 
cheatsheets to acquire the completeness ( and information overload ) of 
a book nor of a complete reference.  Though I could imagine making it 
dynamic, with user comments as php.net or the postgres documentation.

Robert Mela wrote:
> I'd love to see the site code so I can learn yet more about Nitro.
> I'd be happy to move cheatsheets over to nitroproject.org, and 
> certainly seeing how George and others code in Nitro will give me more 
> stuff to fold into the cheatsheet docs.   It'd also be a great way for 
> users on this list to learn each others idioms.   Best techniques for 
> using Nitro, based on experience, would soon follow.
> This framework is just too wonderful to let wither.
> George Moschovitis wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I have answered privately to tom, but here are the main points:
>> - tom's email motivated me to take some extra time to integrate the 
>> repo version with facets 2.0, make sure the example runs and release 
>> it as 0.50 (even w/o docs/tests).
>> - I send to Tom the full source code of the nitroproject.org 
>> <http://nitroproject.org> web site. If everyone wants to work on this 
>> (fix bugs, add more content or graphics or whatever) please ask him 
>> (or me) for the source code.
>> please understand that I am doing the best I can. This may be not 
>> enough, but I think more contribution and less remarks would be more 
>> helpful.
>> thanks,
>> George.
>> -- 
>> http://me.gr
>> http://joy.gr
>> http://cull.gr
>> http://nitroproject.org
>> http://phidz.com
>> http://joyerz.com
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