[Nitro] cgi adapter and trivial patch

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Thu Oct 25 14:02:43 EDT 2007

Yesterday I observed a senior architect -- an amazing software engineer 
-- evaluate Rails using a CGI adapter on shared hosting.  The purpose 
was to evaluate the functionality and architecture of Rails.  
Performance is satisfactory for the purpose.

I think there will be some percentage of users to whom the CGI adapter 
will be useful in initial evaluations.   Having it work at all is a good 
first step.

I'd like to fix the path translation issue as well -- I think that an 
example should be provided using Application.options ( which are passed 
to WEBrick and should also be getting used in the MongrelAdapter ) to 
control stripping SCRIPT_NAME from the incoming URI.

What I'm not sure about is which ENV variable to strip SCRIPT_NAME off 
of to get URI generators working, e.g., how to get SCRIPT_NAME prepended 
to the results of "redirect MyController, :foo_action"

Anyhow, here's a trivial patch that gets the adapter to compile all --- 
the 'end' for Module Raw was missing at the end of raw/adapter/cgi.rb
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