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Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Thu Oct 18 23:06:05 EDT 2007

They run on debian. I don't have access to the main apache config. I can 
only use a web panel to select a directory as document root, the version 
of PHP and if I want to enable FastCGI on that domain. That's it. The 
rest has to be done with .htaccess files.

They make a big thing out of supporting Ruby/Rails, but in the end the 
support totally sucks. They have a watchdog process that seemingly 
randomly kills user processes, so every few pages you get a "server 500" 
because the fcgi process got killed.

But they're cheap and I payed two years in advance so I'll have to live 
with it a little longer. It's Dreamhost BTW, don't go there if you're 
serious about using Ruby stuff.

I've been looking at it the last few days and have more or less 
functioning CGI/FastCGI adapters. They need more testing. After that 
I'll send a patch and write something on oxywtf about deploying with fcgi.

Thanks for responding!


Robert Mela schreef:
> What version of Apache, gcc, and what general OS?
> Are you not allowed to run your own web server at your providor?
> What, generally, is the interest level in the small but growing Nitro 
> community in deploying with FastCGI?
> Arne Brasseur wrote:
>> This seems the way to go, but unfortunately mod_proxy is not an 
>> option for me. I'm on shared hosting with little chance of changing 
>> apache's configuration, except by .htaccess files. It seems both cgi 
>> and fcgi adapters are simply broken because of changes to the adapter 
>> interface. E.g. what used to be class methods are now instance 
>> methods, but that's not all.
>> Would it be hard to fix them? Or just one of them? I'm not too 
>> concerned about performance at this point, if it runs I'd be happy. 
>> If they're not being fixed please add a big BROKEN sign or remove 
>> them altogether.
>> Thank you (once again)!
>> (ab)
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