[Nitro] Facets version in glue

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Fri Oct 12 21:18:12 EDT 2007


Finally got back to Nitro - been swamped by business related stuff.   
While I've been away, the version of facets has been revved to 2.0.2,  
but the reference in the glue gem spec is 1.8.54

$ rake dist:all

$ sudo gem install dist/glue-0.50.0.gem dist/og-0.50.0.gem dist/ 
raw-0.50.0.gem dist/nitro-0.50.0.gem

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (RuntimeError)
     Error instaling dist/glue-0.50.0.gem:
         glue requires facets = 1.8.54

I changed the requirement to allow Facets 2 but I wasn't sure if that  
was correct.  From the discussions I've skimmed over, I was under the  
impression Nitro 0.50 was intended to use Facets 2?

Incidentally, is the above the easiest way to get the latest Nitro?   
I remember setting a few environment variables first time round,  
can't remember what they are though.


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