[Nitro] Updated tutorial

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Oct 9 03:03:10 EDT 2007


> As far as external documentation goes I am (as I said before) a big big 
> fan of wikis. However this would partly overlap with Oxywtf, so we don't 
> need it right away. Better to not split community stuff over too many 
> different locations. So if you feel like contributing stuff, head over 
> to http://www.Oxywtf.de (insert catchy tune).

well, np.org always had a wiki.  :)
I personally am not a fan of wikis in the following instances:

* wiki too small
* wiki contains only static page (only a single person editing)
* there are very few contributors
* wiki too unorganized
* wiki has broken links to everywhere
* there are often changing contributor 'styles' (hit 'n run)

I know that there are plenty of good examples for successful wikis, but
they all have something in common:  They either have what I call a
'critical mass' or 'dedicated commitment of few'.

> The main virtue of the tutorial repo I see is that it can contain a lot 
> of code examples along with their tutorials. However it might disappear 
> again in the future as it's contents are merged into the main 
> repo/rdoc/oxywtf. Should it get to contain more example apps then can be 
> reasonbly shipped with the main distribution then it might become a 
> package in its own right (e.g. nitro-examples). This will depend on 
> community input.

I agree this to be worth a try.  :)
Like I see my oxywtf complementing a wiki (as opposed to 'competing')
because of its rather strict nature, this repo could be another fitting
piece in the puzzle.  It'd be nice to have a few more contributed
examples for people to look at and learn from, especially when they are
in 'running state' in a repo and always up to date to the current nitro


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