[Nitro] OG [PATCH RFC]: Separate Og.start options hash from Og.manager_options

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Oct 9 02:43:49 EDT 2007


> I'm considering introducing some optional settings that at the moment
> are specific to the DBI adapter (but needn't be)
> Question:
> 1) Is it the case that _any_ setting that can be passed as an option
> to Og.start(options), should have it's default specified and
> elsewhere, even if they can be passed to Og.start(options).... ?

yes, you can pass any option you like to Og.start, it will end up at
each adapter where it can be used.  MySQL for example has some options
which postgresql does not have iirc.

Just put the handling + defaults of those options in the recieving
adapters, the other adapters will just ignore those options.


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