[Nitro] Updated tutorial

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Sat Oct 6 11:21:41 EDT 2007

Sounds like there's a consensus.   I'll start reading up on RDocs.

It might also make sense to coordinate on separate aspects of Nitro for 
the first pass.  I'm finding that learning Nitro and Og while 
documenting the experience leaves coverage thin and incomplete.  With 
what little time I have it would take a to really learn and document Nitro.

It also makes it easier for each of us to take the role of newbie and 
step through each others' documentation, encountering the errors or 
missing pieces just as a new user would.


Arne Brasseur wrote:
> I personally also think the primary documentation should be the RDocs. 
> Every module/class should have a toplevel RDoc section which explains 
> its purpose and typical usage. Public methods should be fully documented.
> As far as external documentation goes I am (as I said before) a big 
> big fan of wikis. However this would partly overlap with Oxywtf, so we 
> don't need it right away. Better to not split community stuff over too 
> many different locations. So if you feel like contributing stuff, head 
> over to http://www.Oxywtf.de (insert catchy tune).
> The main virtue of the tutorial repo I see is that it can contain a 
> lot of code examples along with their tutorials. However it might 
> disappear again in the future as it's contents are merged into the 
> main repo/rdoc/oxywtf. Should it get to contain more example apps then 
> can be reasonbly shipped with the main distribution then it might 
> become a package in its own right (e.g. nitro-examples). This will 
> depend on community input.
> (ab) 

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