[Nitro] Og [RFC]: More jargon...

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 22:41:25 EDT 2007

Hi Devs,
I'd appreciate thought and comments on the following.
A word in advance, I'm not proposing immediate changes, but rather
settling on some nomenclature that, when an oppotunity arises can be
put in place/implemented.
I'd think the process might be something like
 - the spec existing method/behavior
 - have spec accepted.
 - implement any changes to the code, the existing spec and documentation.

Following on from the last email you'll notice there are issues with
the names given to methods.  I've found that looking at these names
can lead you up the garden path/ down the creek (as you wish), but
quite frustrating regardless.

At the moment some related Og methods are prefixed with:
write, read, parse, and quote.
It seems they largely do the following - convert data in instances of
Ruby objects into/from text (ASCII?) strings, to be formatted ready
for (but not) storage/retrieval.
IMHO they certainly don't write or read, it's debatable that some
'parse', and 'quote' is also drawing a long bow for what that method

serialize/deserialize terms are candidates for prefixes _but_ Og
doesn't store as binary - eg uses Yaml rather than Marshal - and this
could be considered misleading?
load/dump could be used as prefixes instead of read/write?
I'm not nuts about stringify/destringify but they could be prefixes
for the methods that convert to text strings.

Anyway, I think it needs some thought and I'd appreciate any comments.

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