[Nitro] Nitro on Apache

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Wed Oct 3 14:45:25 EDT 2007

Kirk Haines wrote:
> Yes.  This brings up an interesting issue, though.  1 minute to render
> a page is horrific, and if everything is that slow, there are no good
> solutions.  But if the app only has certain pages that are that slow,
> while the rest are fast, it brings up an interesting, solveable
> scaling quandry.
I didn't write it... just wanna make that clear...   I inherited it and 
have solved enough of it that at least users can get on to the system, 
which gives them a chance to grumble about the speed.

This is the offending code in gems/mongrel-1.0.1/lib/mongrel.rb.  I've 
set num_processors in mongrel_cluster.yml to 1, and it seems a fairly 
straightforward workaround to replace accept ( line 722 ) with a polling 

def accept_workaround
   if worker queue length < max_processors
       return accept
       sleep 0.1 seconds # more properly: wait for a barrier condition

Gets me out of my current hell.   A proper fix would have a barrier 
condition replacing the sleep, but compared to what I'm up against now, 
a 0.1 second polling loop is nothing.

Swiftiply looks good -- scanning the docs now.   As an alternative, the 
above, unless I'm missing something, would also mesh seamlessly with 

 - query worker_list.lengthand if it's greater than num_processors, b

    721         while true
    722           begin
    723             client = @socket.accept
    725             if $tcp_cork_opts
    726               client.setsockopt(*$tcp_cork_opts) rescue nil
    727             end
    729             worker_list = @workers.list
    731             if worker_list.length >= @num_processors
    732               STDERR.puts "Server overloaded with 
#{worker_list.length}         processors (#@num_processors max). 
Dropping connection."
    733               client.close rescue Object
    734               reap_dead_workers("max processors")
    735             else

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