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Wed Oct 3 13:49:25 EDT 2007

Have you ever tried to make an app thread-safe? The dependencies are  
so bizarre that the testability of the app vastly increases in  
complexity. Bugs are subtle and don't happen often -- even then, they  
are not readily reproducible. Worse, they may not even be in your code!

I've been a proponent (in the past) of some kind of MT Rails, but the  
more I think about injecting mutexes or bracketing sections of code  
with semaphores, etc, etc, hoping I've made my code reentrant, the  
less I like it when compared to the multiprocess model. Note also  
that a good deal of any Web app is made up of instance objects which  
are typically not long-lived and don't benefit from MT. So you get to  
think about a whole different set of things: Where do I store app- 
global data and how do I store thread-local data?

This can be a nightmare for request/response cycles that typically  
take milliseconds and for which a multiprocess alternative exists.

Just my $.02

On Oct 3, 2007, at 10:25 AM, Kirk Haines wrote:

>> I would quite happily trade that in for the
>> memory and performance overhead of whatever multiplexing or  
>> multithreading
>> scheme is used in the app server.

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