[Nitro] Installing Nitro on Windows in 11 steps

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Wed Oct 3 08:47:55 EDT 2007

This is extremely thourough, complete, and well organized.

I'm probably not the only one thinking that you should sign up at 
oxyliquit.de and post this as a tip...

I'd be thrilled if folks could add it to their own collections ( e.g., 
if Arne wanted to add it to thedailynitro, or I to cheatsheets ).

I envision doing that with credit to the author being one of the first 
things on the page -- author's name, and if desired, a link to the 
author's web site.

Maybe nitroproject.org could host a "From the Archives" section, with 
gems like this as entries, indexed by category and tag, with descriptive 

amusic at freemail.gr wrote:
> Hello everyone, I'm new to the list and I've been told that some people have been having some trouble installing Nitro on a Windows system. So for those having trouble here's a 11 step checklist. (I assume that you've already installed Ruby and MySQL on your system)
> 1) Download Darcs from www.darcs.net and decompress it in any directory
> 2*) Add the darcs root folder in the PATH environmental variable (i.e. C:\Darcs;)
> 3) Download the latest Nitro version from the repository through darcs by:
>       going to the directory you want to store nitro and
>       typing in command line: `darcs get --partial http://repo.nitroproject.org nitro`
> 4) Find the RUBYOPTS environmental variable (it should already contain `-rubygems` in it and after it add the following:
>  -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\vendor -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\og\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\glue\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\raw\lib
>   * replace [PATH_TO_NITRO] with the path to your nitro folder (example: C:\nitro)
> 5) Add the same directories in the PATH environmental variable as well
>  (ex. C:\nitro\nitro\lib;C:\nitro\nitro\vendor;C:\nitro\og\lib;C:\nitro\glue\lib;C:\nitro\raw\lib)
> 6) Go to the Nitro root directory and type: `darcs pull` and select "yes" to all patch prompts  
> 7) Install the "facets" gem (gem install facets)
> 8) Install the "redcloth" gem (gem install redcloth)
> 9) Install the "xmlSimple" gem (gem install xml-simple)
> 10) Install the "mysql" gem (gem install mysql) [Select option 1]
> 11) Install the "uuidtools" gem (gem install uuidtools)
> * In order to get to your system's environmental variables, right click on your "My Computer" icon and select `Properties`. Select the `Advanced` Tab and on the bottom click on the `Environmental Variables` button.
> I intend to write an installer to automagically install Nitro on a windows system (and do all the dirty work) as well as keeping it up to date.
> Hope this helps.
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