[Nitro] Installing Nitro on Windows in 11 steps

amusic at freemail.gr amusic at freemail.gr
Wed Oct 3 06:00:40 EDT 2007

Hello everyone, I'm new to the list and I've been told that some people have been having some trouble installing Nitro on a Windows system. So for those having trouble here's a 11 step checklist. (I assume that you've already installed Ruby and MySQL on your system)

1) Download Darcs from www.darcs.net and decompress it in any directory

2*) Add the darcs root folder in the PATH environmental variable (i.e. C:\Darcs;)

3) Download the latest Nitro version from the repository through darcs by:
      going to the directory you want to store nitro and
      typing in command line: `darcs get --partial http://repo.nitroproject.org nitro`

4) Find the RUBYOPTS environmental variable (it should already contain `-rubygems` in it and after it add the following:

 -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\vendor -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\og\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\glue\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\raw\lib

  * replace [PATH_TO_NITRO] with the path to your nitro folder (example: C:\nitro)

5) Add the same directories in the PATH environmental variable as well
 (ex. C:\nitro\nitro\lib;C:\nitro\nitro\vendor;C:\nitro\og\lib;C:\nitro\glue\lib;C:\nitro\raw\lib)
6) Go to the Nitro root directory and type: `darcs pull` and select "yes" to all patch prompts  
7) Install the "facets" gem (gem install facets)
8) Install the "redcloth" gem (gem install redcloth)
9) Install the "xmlSimple" gem (gem install xml-simple)
10) Install the "mysql" gem (gem install mysql) [Select option 1]
11) Install the "uuidtools" gem (gem install uuidtools)

* In order to get to your system's environmental variables, right click on your "My Computer" icon and select `Properties`. Select the `Advanced` Tab and on the bottom click on the `Environmental Variables` button.

I intend to write an installer to automagically install Nitro on a windows system (and do all the dirty work) as well as keeping it up to date.

Hope this helps.

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