[Nitro] Revisiting some Og issues again: RFC

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Nov 30 19:11:18 EST 2007


> Anyway, it seems there is a path so maybe this isn't a git showstopper?

as I have been doing some off ruby work lately, I also tried git, to
make the 'start' as fresh as possible.

And, I have to say, I'm really happy with git now.

- Not quite as userfriendly as darcs

That is the only minus.

The biggest plus for me however is something kinda unrelated:

My repo is clean, always.  With darcs I used to create changes here
and there, debug stuff together with new features and old bugfixes.
Recording is nice then of course with darcs, just skipping the rest,
but the repo is still messy.

With git it's very much different.  I can choose (due to the branches)
to work on this or that without copying the repo or cluttering it.

That is my biggest plus (besides the nice gitk <3 for code review) on
git, clean repo, less overhead for my mind.

My personal hitlist of version control systems would be:

1) Git
2) Darcs
3) Arch
4) SVN


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