[Nitro] acts?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Nov 30 18:56:20 EST 2007


> I see some stuff in the og/model directory that corresponds to some of
> the common Rails acts_as mixins.
> I'm curious as to what stage of completion/reliability these things are
> at.

Oh, those are always quite stable and build on normal Og functionality.
(If Og (or more specifically relations) are broken, those are too :P)

> hierarchical.rb -- acts_as_tree, but based on nested sets ( I though
> Jonathan was working on materialized paths as well ? )

Well, I am using postgresql ltree, which are materialized paths, works
really good.  Or rather, my Og does use it, I'm very much entagled in
new work sadly not involving ruby.

Using ltree one gets indexing and fast lookup for free and the Og
implementation facilitating the use is quite clean.


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