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Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Fri Nov 30 02:06:36 EST 2007

Hi Nitro lovers,

This is the tutorial I wrote a while ago, only this time in PDF format. 
There's probably stuff that is already obsolete, but since we're posting 
PDF's for the "geekend" anyway ;)

The difference is that this one is generated from docbook that is 
generated from a bunch of text files with some minimal markup. Docbook 
is great and flexible and all of that, but hand editing is still 
tedious. I tried it for about an hour and it started to get really on my 

The proposal is to use such a hybrid approach for the official Nitro 
docs. Targeting docbook we can get high quality docs in several output 
formats, while editing in a format with the least amount of mental 
overhead. It's still possible to fall back to "raw" docbook should it be 


Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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