[Nitro] Revisiting some Og issues again: RFC

Judson Lester nyarly at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 20:37:27 EST 2007

I realize I've been out of the loop for no little while now, but this
exchange struck a chord with me, especially as I'm turning my interest back
to Og.  Mark's summation could very well be a statement of purpose for me
regard Og.

> - There is widespread interest in Og as a standalone project.
> - Og is incorrectly considered as being bound to Nitro.
> - Specs and developer level documentation are scarce.
> - Intermediate level documentation of Og is scarce, i.e. for people
> wanting to write user level docs.
> - Confusion exists about what version of Og is 'current'.
> - Confusion exists about what the Og roadmap is.
> - Darcs may be a barrier to entry (cf svn, git, mercurial...?).
> - Og needs a stable branch and a development branch.

I very much want to see Og as a separate project.  I think it's a very
useful library, with a excellent philosophic basis.  I remain eager to
commit to it's development, specs and doc.  On the other hand, I candidly
have little interest in Nitro, and Og's coupling with Nitro both frustrates
and distances me.  I do thank the Nitro project for engendering in me a keen
dislike for Darcs though.

I realize that I've contributed only a little to Og, and it was a long time
ago, but I'm a little in love with it as a library, and I feel strongly
about it.

So the idea then is that we have a central svn repo and we us git, via
> svn-git, to work with it. I realize it's off the beaten track, but I
> think in the end it's probably the best all around solution.

All that in mind, my thought is this: what does a hybrid svn/git SCM
solution get us?  Is it that difficult to set up a head git repo?  I'd argue
against using the Rubyforge Nitro SVN specifically because I'd prefer to see
Og take off as a separate project.

I tentatively agree that it would be preferable not to create a complete
fork of Og as it stands, with regards to limited developer resources.  But I
wonder if there might be more potential devs for a standalone Og than there
are for Og-in-Nitro.

(I'd argue for monotone, but I'm more than willing to take git for a spin.)

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