[Nitro] Revisiting some Og issues again: RFC

* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 20:52:50 EST 2007

Hi all

I hope you are having fun with your things and lives.

I believe it makes a lot of sense to de-couple Og like this.  I'm all for


On 27/11/2007, Mark Van De Vyver <mvyver at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> Reviewing some posts over the last few months, I've made a summary (in
> no particular order) and proposal.
> I've not quoted names since this i just my impression.
> Observations:
> - There is widespread interest in Og as a standalone project.
> - Og is incorrectly considered as being bound to Nitro.
> - Specs and developer level documentation are scarce.
> - Intermediate level documentation of Og is scarce, i.e. for people
> wanting to write user level docs.
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