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> Have a great weekend all ...
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>  Season 5, Issue 7 | November 15th, 2007 | Buzz Driver
>    Cast From CORNER GAS Are Coming to THE RUBY!
>     Now you have the opportunity to ask questions of some of your
> favourite cast members from CORNER GAS! Fred Ewanuick will be answering
> questions this Thursday, November 15th at 8 PM EST, and Tara Spencer-Nairn
> will be answering Questions on November 21st!
> So drop into THE RUBY <http://www.cornergas.com/ruby/?forum=92183>at
> cornergas.com and ask the questions you've been waiting so long to have
> answered.
> *CORNER GAS Smashdown Episodes Get Big Numbers, and Can Earn you DOG RIVER
> Dollars!*
> There is a new "Smashdown" version of the CORNER GAS episode *Cel Phone*in the Video
> Postcards <http://www.cornergas.com/vcards/>. Send the "smashdown" Video
> Postcard to up to 20 friends and earn 500 DOG RIVER Dollars each!
> The first "Smashdown' episode, " World's Biggest<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKO_yaLL7n0&eurl=http://www.cornergas.com/home/>"
> has over 28000 views and counting. Make someone's day just a big brighter by
> passing along some CORNER GAS.
>    This week's episode<#1166cbd853b7f108_116442cf7ade8e48_this_week_bookmark>
> Next week's episode<#1166cbd853b7f108_116442cf7ade8e48_next_week_bookmark>
> This week's quiz questions<#1166cbd853b7f108_116442cf7ade8e48_quiz_bookmark>
> Who has the most DRD?<#1166cbd853b7f108_116442cf7ade8e48_richest_bookmark>
> Monday Nights on
>  <http://www.ctv.ca>
>  and
> Saturday Nights on
> The Comedy Network
>  <http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca>
> *What's up at the DOG RIVER Auction This Week?*
> A HOWLER, a fake bomb, a fake bartender's book, a picture of Davis
> Sleeping, and more!
> Here's some of last week's successful bidders at the DOG RIVER Auction<http://www.cornergas.com/auction/>
> :
> I love Corner Gas! Every season it gets better and better. I can't wait
> until the next week to see what the cast will do next! I think the auction
> is an excellent idea, kind of like giving back to the viewer's, for watching
> and sticking with Corner Gas all these years. I won Oscar and Emma's smelly
> stuff 2. What a great early- Christmas gift it will be!
> Thank you CG!
> Hi my name is Pam from Minnedosa, Mb. I love this show and I never miss an
> episode, I have been trying to win an auction for awhile now and am very
> excited to display this in our family room.
> *This Week's Peek Behind the Scenes at CORNER GAS*
>    This Week's CORNER GAS Episode:
>  *Buzz Driver*
> Oscar is asked to be a school bus driver for the day, but the kids may not
> be the only ones who need a lesson in good behaviour. Synopsis: When Oscar
> is asked to fill in for the school's bus driver his no-nonsense attitude
> ends up doing him more harm than good. Hank convinces Lacey to let him do
> some advertising for the Ruby and Corner Gas gets a shipment of a new energy
> drink that Wanda can't get enough of.
>    Next Week's CORNER GAS Episode:
>  *Classical Gas*
> When an unexpected member of the Leroy family pays a visit, Brent comes to
> terms with his life's purpose as a gas station attendant. Synopsis: Brent
> meets an extended member of his family that Oscar and Emma never told him
> about. Wanda tries to prove her intelligence by showcasing her math skills,
> but not without Karen's help. Davis' taste buds are enticed by some changes
> to the Ruby's menu.
>    This Week's Quiz Questions
>    - What is in the back of Hank's truck?
>    - What does Emma call Davis?
>    - What is Wanda drinking?
>    Who Has The Most DOG RIVER Dollars?
>    - Screen Name : LanEvo
>    DOG RIVER Dollars : 360000
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