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Have a great weekend all ...


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Season 5, Issue 7 | November 15th, 2007 | Buzz Driver
   Cast From CORNER GAS Are Coming to THE RUBY!
    Now you have the opportunity to ask questions of some of your favourite
cast members from CORNER GAS! Fred Ewanuick will be answering questions this
Thursday, November 15th at 8 PM EST, and Tara Spencer-Nairn will be
answering Questions on November 21st!
So drop into THE RUBY <http://www.cornergas.com/ruby/?forum=92183>at
cornergas.com and ask the questions you've been waiting so long to have

*CORNER GAS Smashdown Episodes Get Big Numbers, and Can Earn you DOG RIVER
There is a new "Smashdown" version of the CORNER GAS episode *Cel Phone* in
the Video Postcards <http://www.cornergas.com/vcards/>. Send the "smashdown"
Video Postcard to up to 20 friends and earn 500 DOG RIVER Dollars each!

The first "Smashdown' episode, "World's
has over 28000 views and counting. Make someone's day just a big brighter by
passing along some CORNER GAS.
   This week's episode <#116442cf7ade8e48_this_week_bookmark>
Next week's episode <#116442cf7ade8e48_next_week_bookmark>
This week's quiz questions <#116442cf7ade8e48_quiz_bookmark>
Who has the most DRD? <#116442cf7ade8e48_richest_bookmark>

Monday Nights on
Saturday Nights on
The Comedy Network

*What's up at the DOG RIVER Auction This Week?*
A HOWLER, a fake bomb, a fake bartender's book, a picture of Davis Sleeping,
and more!

Here's some of last week's successful bidders at the DOG RIVER

I love Corner Gas! Every season it gets better and better. I can't wait
until the next week to see what the cast will do next! I think the auction
is an excellent idea, kind of like giving back to the viewer's, for watching
and sticking with Corner Gas all these years. I won Oscar and Emma's smelly
stuff 2. What a great early- Christmas gift it will be!

Thank you CG!

Hi my name is Pam from Minnedosa, Mb. I love this show and I never miss an
episode, I have been trying to win an auction for awhile now and am very
excited to display this in our family room.
*This Week's Peek Behind the Scenes at CORNER GAS*

   This Week's CORNER GAS Episode:
 *Buzz Driver*
Oscar is asked to be a school bus driver for the day, but the kids may not
be the only ones who need a lesson in good behaviour. Synopsis: When Oscar
is asked to fill in for the school's bus driver his no-nonsense attitude
ends up doing him more harm than good. Hank convinces Lacey to let him do
some advertising for the Ruby and Corner Gas gets a shipment of a new energy
drink that Wanda can't get enough of.
   Next Week's CORNER GAS Episode:
 *Classical Gas*
When an unexpected member of the Leroy family pays a visit, Brent comes to
terms with his life's purpose as a gas station attendant. Synopsis: Brent
meets an extended member of his family that Oscar and Emma never told him
about. Wanda tries to prove her intelligence by showcasing her math skills,
but not without Karen's help. Davis' taste buds are enticed by some changes
to the Ruby's menu.
   This Week's Quiz Questions

   - What is in the back of Hank's truck?
   - What does Emma call Davis?
   - What is Wanda drinking?

   Who Has The Most DOG RIVER Dollars?

   - Screen Name : LanEvo
   DOG RIVER Dollars : 360000
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