[Nitro] two way crypt function

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Mon Nov 12 18:51:01 EST 2007

From: "Trans" <transfire at gmail.com>
> On Nov 12, 5:16 pm, "Bill Kelly" <bi... at cts.com> wrote:
>> (Where the + has been replaced with a space.)
>> Hope this helps,
> Good job Bill!
> So how did you figure it? Did my test case come in handy at all in
> tracking that down, or did you just "see it" when looking over the
> code?

Thanks :)  I didn't end up using your test case, because my
test suite for my online store controller already tended to
encounter the cookie problem every so often.  (I had switched
to the MemorySessionStore awhile back as a workaround.)

So I went low-tech and put in some print statements and kept
re-running my test suite until the error occurred.

But I haven't studied the rest of the code enough to understand
why the data in context.cookies[Session.cookie_name] is already
CGI.unescape'd (maybe it's supposed to be.)



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