[Nitro] two way crypt function

Bill Kelly billk at cts.com
Sun Nov 11 12:36:14 EST 2007

From: George Moschovitis
> My problem is that sometimes, for some stupid reason, the digest
> integrity check fails for non altered cookies.
> Ie you get AlteredCookie exceptions for now reason.
> I really can't find the problem.

Would it be feasible to add some temporary debugging, to store
the exact binary data of the original cookie alongside the
digest?  So that, later, when the integrity check fails, you
can compare the exact bytes of the old cookie against the new

(Or if I've misunderstood the problem, I'm sorry.)

But it seems like there are three possibilities:

  - the cookie bytes really did change somehow
  - the stored digest bytes got mutated somehow
  - the digest code is broken and has randomness

It seems like it should be possible (by storing the original
cookie bytes for debug purposes) to have all the data needed
to narrow down the possibilities?



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